Master Educator Series: Managing for an Effective Classroom 3.0

Author Bio:  Samuel Crenshaw has been licensed paramedic for eight years, of which he has worked for both large and small private ambulance services, in addition to city municipalities. Sam also works in K-12 public education in high needs and low access environments. In this work, Sam now manages a cohort of 30 new teachers who he directly coaches through their first two years of teaching.

Course Description:

The EMS classroom is an important environment that lays the foundation for students by developing the skills, knowledge, and professionalism necessary for successful careers in the prehospital setting. Due to the placement of many EMS courses in the professional and higher educational environments, instructors assume a certain baseline of acceptable behavior within the classroom, during labs, and in the field. However, this assumption does not take into account the variant background of many students and does not effectively prepare them for the expectations of the professional environment. This course will emphasize the importance of setting and maintaining expectations for students both inside and outside of the classroom, for creating a stronger learning environment, stronger leaders, and stronger caregivers. Instructors who complete the course will also design their own management plan for direct implementation in their own classrooms.  Each course will require 2-4 hours to complete.

Course Objectives:


● Explain the importance of creating a well-managed classroom

● Differentiate between strong and weak management strategies

● Explain the habits and mind-sets that allow for such a classroom

● Produce a management plan for their own classroom

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